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Lenehh Skypraer


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Island in the Sky

by Lenehh Skypraer

Dyatos watched the sky
To see if the mystical
Island of Auroa
The land of Auroa
In the sky is ruled
By Lord Dan'dara.
His wings of ice
And castles of ice
Are a beauty to
The eyes.
His ice-blue eyes
Freeze anyone
Who looks into them
If he chooses.
His rare smile
Warms the heart.
But all those
Who are against him
Dyatos was no
Ordinary commoner
She had a gift
Of healing.
A simple touch
From her hand
Healed fatal wounds
One day she stumbled upon
A palace guard
Who was injured.
Dyatos touched the
Bloody wound with
A gentle caress
And it was gone.
Before she could get away
The guardsman grabbed her arm
"Thank you mistress,"
And he told the king.
"Her magic is unheard of
And is witchery.
She will be caught
And put to death,"
"But, sire, I would have died
If she hadn't have healed me,"
The king was cold and
Without care.
The guardsman warned Dyatos
To flee for her life.
"You saved my life
Now I will repay the debt.
The king wants your head
So go and be safe,"
Dyatos fled that night.
Safe in a cave
Hidden deep in the woods
She watched the sky.
Dyatos had no mother
No father or any family.
She was only seventeen years
And was used to traveling
Since she was a young child
She heard the stories
Of the Island in the sky
And the ruler Dan'dara
Who ruled with magic
And love for his people.
She wanted to live
In a land where the
King loved his people
"Dan'dara, I wish you were real,"
Dyatos sighed.
She would stay here and rest
And travel before dawn.
After resting, she left
The safety of the cave
The summer breeze
Made her want to
Take off her cloak.
She gave into the
Temptation and
Slipped it off.
"Only for a bit," she
Told herself.
The breeze lifted her
Long red curls
Her blue eyes took
In the area and she
Decided it was safe to leave
Her cloak off.
A crash sounded behind her
Dyatos quickly broke into a run
"There she is!" voices cried
And she heard the baying of hounds
Fear clutched her heart
She wasn't going to die
Not like this.
She dropped her cloak and
Didn't have time to
Go back for it.
Suddenly she found herself
On the ground.
She'd tripped over a tree root
And light from the sky
Flooded the forest.
It covered her and the men
Hunting her.
The men cried out.
The light blinded them.
Dyatos squeezed her eyes closed
And got up.
She ran on, blindly.
Wherever the light came from
It was a miracle.
"Who goes there?"
A loud and soft voice cried.
"No one but a commoner," Dyatos cried out.
"Even commoners have names,"
"I am Dyatos and am running for my life,"
Before the lights could go out
Dyatos broke into another run.
"Stop," the voice commanded.
"And let you kill me you evil king?
After I healed your guardsman,
Your protecter?
For that do I deserve death?
No, you will have to kill me before I stop,"
Dyatos snapped and ran even faster.
The wind was suddenly behind her
Pushing her to go faster
And then--
She was flying
The wind was all around her
The ground was no more.
Ice cold water touched her face
Dyatos screamed
But no sound came from her lips.
Her arms flailed
Above her head
As if in surrender.
Dyatos braced herself
For death.
She would drown in this lake
Of ice.
An arm pulled her close
To who she didn't know
And she broke surface
"Look into my eyes
And tell me if you see
The evil king you mistook me for,"
The voice said.
Dyatos slowly opened her eyes
The person holding her
Stroked her face and
She looked into the
Most beautiful blue eyes
Like her own.
"Who are you?"
"I am Dan'dara,
Lord of Auroa,"
Dyatos stared into those eyes
And exhaustion took
Her over.
The light suddenly faded into
The sweet darkness
Of deep, deep, sleep.
When she awoke,
She had no idea where she was.
Warmth surrounded her
And her clothes were different.
She wore white robes
Like of the Mages
Of older times.
She looked out her window
Water was all she could see
It was frozen.
Was this real or a dream?
She walked out of her room
And looked for someone
But no one was there.
"Hello?" she called out.
No answer.
She continued on
And Dan'dara appeared from the air
Dyatos gasped and he smiled
A rare sight to strangers.
"Come," he said.
He took her hand.
And guided her to
A room with food.
Sweet aromas met her
And her stomach cried out.
"Tis time you ate," Dan'dara
Said to her.
"Thank you, Lord Dan'dara,"
After the meal
Dan'dara took her arm.
"You have grown up
Without a father or a mother.
You have traveled
And lived a hard life, Healer,"
"Aye, "
She looked into the eyes
So much like her own.
"You look so much like me,
Dyatos, the Healer,"
Dan'dara's hair was like
Dyatos' own.
"I went into the
Lands of the earth
Seventeen years ago
And took a woman.
She was so eager.
I did not know that she had a child,"
"You mean--?"
"Yes, you are my daughter
And heir, Dyatos. I know this because
She said that if she ever had a girl
She would name the child Dyatos,"
Lord Dan'dara hugged Dyatos
And smiled down at her.
"I have searched for you
Since I knew of your existance,"
They walked
Hand in hand
Looking exactly alike
Dyatos loved the ice
And felt as if
She belonged to it.
"Welcome home,
My daughter,"
The icy wind blew
And surrounded Dyatos
Welcoming her
Into her land