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Lenehh Skypraer


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Lady Vampire

by Lenehh Skypraer

Marche was only a
Young girl when the men
Came and killed her family.
She was not like them.
Niether was her family.
The men who killed
Her parents hunted the
Sylphs like the unicorns
And killed almost all of them.
Marche escaped into the
Lands of the Vampires.
They bit her to make her
One of them, but it was not to be.
Marche was a sylph-
An air elf who was
Born with magic
Flowing in her veins.
Her hair was long and dark
Her eyes were silver
Like the moonbeams
Resting on the night jasmines
Marche grew up with
The Vampires and found
Her cause was similar to theirs.
They hated the cruel men
Who killed without mercy.
The Vampires were long forbidden
Into the lands of men.
But with Marche leading them
They would wreak their vengance.