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Lenehh Skypraer


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Rainbow all around


by Lenehh Skypraer

Fainche waited
Until the darkness lifted
To leave home.
She knew that
Danger would seek her
And she must not stay
Any longer.
The Druid Cyric warned
Her of this.
Fainche didn't want
Any part of this
All she wanted was
To stay with her
Family and watch the
Days go by.
She only wanted to live
Her life in peace.
Instead she let her
Curiosity get
The better of her.
It was the day
Of the storm
When the Lord Delsin
Dropped in on them.
Lord Delsin was
The desire of every woman
With a smile so sweet
And gentle eyes.
Fainche knew he wasn't
Meant for her
She was not noble born.
That day the storm came
The Lord stayed the night
With her family.
Fainche knew that the time
Had come for her magic
To grow.
The Druid Cyric had told her.
"After the storm
Be at the Nalren River Rock
The Rainbows will come,"
"What of the rainbows?"
She'd asked the aged druid
"You are of them, Fainche
Rainbows are of magic
And you were born on the
Day of the Rainbows,"
Lord Delsin watched Fainche
She shivered under his gaze
She knew he may follow her.
For a storm like this
Will not let up
For another day.
And it was a day's journey
To the Narlen River Rock.
Slowly she slipped away
From her family.
The Lord was nowhere
It was safe.
Fainche took her chance
She grabbed her cloak
And ancient oaken staff.
The pouring rain
Greeted her with thunder
And wild lightning bolts
Fainche went out
Into the raging storm.
She began her journey
Under the cover of night
By daybreak
The storm was gone
But the rain continued.
And then she reached the
Narlen River Rock.
The Druid Cyric
Awaited her.
In his hand was
The amulet Mämir
In his hands.
They took off their robes
And the rain began to cease
The sunlight shone through
The dark clouds
And the river Narlen flowed on.
Fainche stood on the rock
And the druid joined her.
He raised the amulet high
Above his head
And Fainche raised her staff.
As the only two Rainbow Druids
Left in their world
Fainche dearly wanted
The lore and power.
Ancient prophecies
Spoke of her.
She was know as
The Rainbow child.
The rainbows came
All in colors
Surrounding them both.
The amulet Mämir glowed
And light shot forth from the staff.
"I give Mämir to
Druid Fainche, the
Last of the Rainbow Druids,"
Thunder crashed
And colors swirled.
The amulet was around
Fainche's neck and power
Filled her.
The power from the rainbows
Flowed withing her soul
Creating her one with them.
When she returned home
Her house was gone.
Her family was no more.
The Lord Delsin was also gone.
"What has happened?" she
Asked the townfolk.
"Lightning struck you home.
The Lord Delsin seeks for you now,"
"My family?"
"I am sorry, Fainche," a lady bowed her head.
As the last of the Rainbow Druids
Fainche knew she had to flee
The Lord sought her and
Surely would have her killed
If he knew of her pagan magic.
She ran on for the next two nights
And Lord Delsin found her.
"Lady Fainche, why do you run?"
"I run for my life, Lord,"
"I do not seek to kill you,
Only to marry you. You
Are without family now, "
His green eyes held kindness in them.
"No, I can't"
Lord Delsin gently took
Her arm and looked
Into her grey eyes.
Fainche looked away.
"You practice witchery," he stated
Fainche looked at him
"Aye, and that is why I run,"
"Fainche, I too, am a Druid.
Do not fear me because
I am Lord
Marry me and become my queen
Together we will make
More of the Rainbow Druids,"
Fainche married the Lord
And their land prepared for war.
All she had was their
Magic and that was all she needed.
When her power was unleashed
All the lands backed away
In respect of the
Last Rainbow Druid.