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Lenehh Skypraer


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Destiny Rock

by Lenehh Skypraer

Risis had never been
This close to the surface
Of the water before.
She lived in the
Waters beneath
The lands.
The sea animals were
Her only friends.
Her family and kinsfolk
Wanted nothing of her
Saying she was nothing
But a nuisance.
Risis ached to explore
And to be accepted
For who she was.
She was born on
Destiny Rock
At sunset.
People were wary of her
Because of the unusual
Gift she possessed.
Her voice could
Enchant and they hated
Her for it.
Risis now looked at the
Light shining throught the water
And onto her.
Her people were
In fear of
Land humans.
Land humans had
Many weapons and
Hateful spirits
Or so she was told.
Risis slowly broke the surface.
And saw a sight that
None of her people
Dared to see.
The air was icy
And the wind was gentle
The sun was setting and
Risis saw Destiny Rock
Glowing with the sun's last light.
Risis slowly swam to
Its banks and stepped
Onto the icy shores
Her long dark hair
Covered her body
And she was unsteady.
Walking was strange
For Risis.
She saw a man
And he suddenly saw her.
Fear clutched her heart
As he approached.
Risis quickly hid
Behind a rock
The man approached her
And asked her who she was.
"I am Risis," she replied
"You are also without clothing,"
He reached in his pack
And gave her a garment and a cloak
"You are dripping wet,"
"I know,"
"Where did you come from?"
He frowned
Golden brows knitted together
Over grey eyes.
"I-I don't know,"
Risis stammared.
"Come with me, Risis."
"What is your name?"
Risis asked.
"I am Therih, son Avaer,"
He replied smugly
"Okay I will come,"
Risis trustingly replied.
The sun's last light
Faded into darkness.
"Wait until I tell Father
Of the prize I found on Destiny rock,"
Risis heard him say to himself.
And she suddenly had a bad feeling.
"What do you plan to do?"
"Don't worry, Risis,"
Risis saw a glint in his eyes
And sang to him.
When she finished singing
He revealed his plans.
"Mistress I plan to sell you
To a man for money,"
Risis knew then that
Her people were right
About Land Humans.
"No," she declared
And ran.
Therih quickly grabbed her
And she stumbled.
"Aye, but first I may
Try you out myself,"
He smiled wickedly
As he climbed on
Top of her
Risis looked at the moon
So large and luminous
And saw a lady.
Lady help me!
Risis mentally cried out.
'Use your voice'
The lady responded
Risis took a deep breath
And sang.
Her voice carried on the winds
And to ears all around
About how Therih intended
To rape and sell her.
"You fool!" he slapped her.
And she kicked him in the ribs
"You are the fool,"
With all of her strenght
Risis pushed him off
And sang this time
Asking the ocean
To take her to safety
A great wave rose up
And swept her.
Risis was on top
Of the wave and
The moon seemed closer.
Therih looked up
In shock and fear.
"Kill him," Risis sang.
And discovered her power