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Lenehh Skypraer


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The Druidic Bard

by Lenehh Skypraer


There is a spirit
Of the lands
She has the forms
Of  Den'shye of old
She can be seen
Dancing in the
Far northern forest
She claims only the north
The Druids of old
Revere her
They sing to her
And learn her ways
She gives them
Knowlege of magic
Fire, Bard,
Air, Forest and Water
Together they
Take care of
The north--Avelan
The spirit of the north
Is the mother
To the Druids
If you are of
Druids blood
She will call to you
And welcome you
Home to her lands
Liadan is her name
"My son, my daughter
Come to me,"
She will sing.
None can tell
Of her true colors
Som say she has hair of gold
Emerald eyes and lips of blood.
Others say she is as dark as
The night forest with no moon
And her companion is
A silver tiger called Llom
Come to Liadan
Come to Avelan
All the Blood
Must come
She will take in
The lost Bards,
Healers, Sorcerers, Seers
And Blood Druids--
Mother Liadan love
You best.
For in the Blood Druid
Lies the bond of
Den'shye, Dragon,
And all the gifts
Is Dragons life-fire
Come all ye
Druids of Avelan
Liadan awaits.

*Den'shye-- type of faerie that changes form. They live in the mists of the north.