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Lenehh Skypraer


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A Lady Mage

by Lenehh Skypraer
part two is under the picture

Part one
Nehyin ran in the darkness
Her dripping hair clunger to her
Injured body.
She was wet and cold
And she hurt deeply
But she ran on.
When she stopped to
Catch her breath,
Gasping she looked back
There was no one behind her.
She'd escaped the Wizard Meral
Nehyin was lost
In this dark desert.
Far away from her home
All she had was the one
Thing Wizard Meral sought:
The sword she had found
When she walked in on her
Mother and sister's brutal murder.
The killer had the sword and
Nehyin had the advantage of
A surprise attack.
Now she possessed the sword that shed
Her only family's blood.
She took out the
Sivery sword
And studied it.
It was long and slender
It weighed nothing.
The silver blade was colored with blood.
Nehyin quickly took out
The small flask and
Scraped the blood into it.
Then she filled it with some
Of her drinking water.
"Dear Mother and Valadreil,
I have no way of burying you
But this I surely will do
I will find the ancient caves
You talked about, dear Mother
And bury you there,"
A tear, soft and warm
Against her icy cold face
Slowly rolled down her cheek.
Nehyin slowly got up and
Walked to the next village.
She kept her sword hidden
And hoped that the
Wizard Meral would not find her here.
The next village was
Lior and was across the border
To Nehyin's relief.
The wizard here
In the land of Driary
Was rumoured to be kind
While Wizard Meral of
Malos ruled with evil.
Nehyin came into Lior
Injured and seeking help
The people were friendly
And asked no questions.
The next few days
Were without bother
And Nehyin knew
It was time to move on.
She would go to the capitol
City of Eshein and seek out
The wizard.
Staying close to the woods
Nehyin moved on.
She had food and water
To last until she came to the
Next village
But that was never to be.


Part three
When she awoke
Nehyin had no idea where
She was.
Fear clutched her heart.
She reached for the sword
And found it beside her.
The healer came in then.
Her hair was golden
And smiled sweet.
"Lady you have awaken,"
"Aye, I must go!"
Nehyin frantically tried
To move and found herself weakened.
"Don't! You are very weak.
I am Healer Narina.
Tell me your name,"
"Nehyin, Healer.
Weak or not, I must go,"
"No. Whoever is trying to
Kill you will catch you if you leave
The safey of the caves,"
The healer told her.
"The caves? What caves?"
Nehyin was confused.
"You are in the ancient caves of
Time, Nehyin."
"How?" the injured girl asked.
"You have the gift, and it
Brought you here to us
For us to heal and train you,"
"In healing,"
"No, your power lies somewhere else
But where, I am not sure,"
"Healer, my mother often spoke of these caves
And she was killed along with
My sister.
All I have left of them is a tiny
Amount of blood in this flask.
I scraped it off this sword,"
Nehyin showed the healer the
Sword in which she carried.
"That sword was stolen from here
A long, long time ago,"
The healer said softly.
"Healer, the Wizard Meral seeks
To kill me because this is his weapon,"
"And it was how he tracked you,
But now he can't for it lies
In the caves in which it was created
And its bond to the Wizard Meral had
Now been broken,"
"I am safe?"
"Yes you are safe,"
And Nehyin felt relief rush
Into her and laughed for
The first time in days.
"I will let you rest now,"
The healer left.
The next few days,
Nehyin found herself
Learning the skills of magic.
The High Mages were
Astounded of her power.
"We have never seen one so adept,"
The High Mage Akra said.
"Thank you, High Mage,"
Nehyin said gratefully.
"Now it is time for the
Burial of your mother
And sister's blood,"
High Mage Akra said.
"Nehyin, you have accomplished
Much and will perform the rite yourself,"
"Thank you, High Mage,"
The next morning
Nehyin, dressed in
Elaborate finery,
Walked down to the
Blood caves.
At noon, the sun's light would
Shine down through the cavern
Lighting the way.
Noon came
And Nehyin raised the bowl
Containing what was left
Of her family to the light
She said the words
And the light turned to fire
Magic filled the room.
"Mother, Sister, I give you
To the Goddess Ler
For safekeeping
And rest from
A brutal murder,"
Nehyin chanted the
Words  softly
Giving her family the burial
That only Mages received.
The light faded and
Teard flowed freely
Magic sparked the air
And two spirits floated freely
Into the sky reaching
For the sun.

Part two
Wizard Meral waited on
Nehyin to come from the
He saw her and smiled
To himself.
Now, what would this young
Lady want with his weapon.
He would soon find out.
He watched her as she stayed
Close to the forest
Thinking she was safe.
She was beautiful
Her dark curly hair was long
And her eyes seemed familiar.
Then he suddenly knew.
She was the daughter of
"Oh, Amelen, how I wished
You didn't betray me.
If there was only a way
I could save your daughter
From your punishment,"
Wizard Meral  followed her.
He would kill her in her sleep
And take what belonged to him.
He waited.
He watched her settle
And soon fall asleep.
He quietly walked to her.
He looked at her
So innocent in slumber
With his sword clutched
In her hand as if claiming
It for herself.
Then her eyes opened.
She screamed and he
Silenced her.
"Quiet, or you will die,"
He quickly said.
"You plan to kill me, Meral
Like you did my family,"
"Give me what is mine
And you shall live,"
"No! It is mine now,
For it has the blood of mine,"
Nehyin kicked the wizard and
Wrestled free of him.
He sent fire from his finger
And she blocked it with fire of her own.
"You practice sorcery!" he cried.
Nehyin didn't know she
Had this power and
Gave herself over to it
Defend me,  prayed silently.
The fires suddenly went out and
Nehyin ran into the forest
Blindly stumbling
Scrambling for her life.
She reached for that power
And it flared to life
Inside her.
It gave her strenght to run
And she ran past the next
Few villages.
Finally dawn came again
And saw her collapsed
In the arms of another healer.