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Lenehh Skypraer


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The Love of A Faery

by Lenehh Skypraer 


Nadolie watched the man
From her hidden spot in the forest.
He was lovely, but without wings.
Surely her people would scorn
Her for watching one
Not like herself.
But Nadolie didn't care.
Her dark eyes watched the
Man closely.
His hair was of gold
And eyes were green.
And if he knew of her
He would kill her.
"We faeries must remain
Hidden, Nadolie.
Do not let a human see you
For they will kill you upon sight,"
Her mother always warned.
Nadolie's lavender wings trembled
In the slightly cool breeze.
Autumn was near
But summer clung defiantly
To the air not yet ready to give in.
Nadolie watched the man nearly every day.
He had a bow and arrows with him
But never used it unless he needed to.
The Faery watched as the man
Used a strange stone to heal wounded animals.
Was he a mage?
Or a simple druid?
Nadolie didn't know.
She just loved him for
His gentle ways.
Surely one so gentle
Wouldn't kill her?
But her fear kept her
Safely hidden.
The man left right at sunset
Like he always did.
But this time
His green eyes locked with hers
And for a moment
She felt his power
And knew that somehow
He saw her.
She quickly used her magic
And remained hidden
But still he watched
The spot where she was.
Then he left.
For the remain in these woods
After dark was a death wish.
Nadolie could handle the
Creatures that the humans feared.
They loved and respected her.
One of them
A dragon names Mareth
Would come out and talk with her.
Nadolie and Mareth were
Close and only
Mareth knew of Nadolie's
Feelings for the strange man.
"I have seen him heal
With that stone," Mareth
Confided with Nadolie.
"What is  that stone?"
Nadolie mused.
"I do not know, Nadolie,"
The next morning,
Nadolie waited for the man
In a different spot
But he did not come.
He did not come
The next day or the next.
That third night,
Nadolie was worried.
Mareth noticed the
Faery's worry and
Offered to fly over the great
City beyond the forest.
"Only if I go with you,"
"Yes, I have Faery magic
And can protect you,"
For the people in the city hated
Mythical creatures.
"Okay," Mareth agreed.
Nadolie clombed atop of Mareth
For her wings were stronger than the
Faery's own.
As they flew over the great city
Nadolie searched for him.
Finally, using magic, she found him.
He was locked in a dungeon.
Nadolie secretly slipped inside the
Massive castle and searched for him.
And found him.
He did not see her
For she was cloaked in magic
Nadolie did not know what to do.
Who was the man and why was he locked up?
She went to the sleeping guard
And quietly slipped his ring of keys
From him.
Then she unlocked the dungeon.
Nadolie quickly shook the man
And he fled into the night
Then she fled also
To Mareth and they flew back home.
The next day,
The man showed up
With his stone to heal
But there were no animals to heal.
"Who are you? You rescued me
And I don't even know who you are,"
He cried out.
Again, Nadolie's fear
Kept her from answering.
The man looked at the stone
And it glowed .
Then he looked straight at
Nadolie with those green eyes
And smiled.
"I see you,"
Nadolie didn't understand.
Her magic was supposed to
Keep her hidden.
"You are lovely, but why me?"
He asked.
Nadolie didn't respond.
"Do you not talk?"
He walked over to her.
"You fear me,"
He stated.
Nadolie started to run
But he caught her arm.
"Do not fear me, little
Faery, for I owe you my life.
I would not harm the one
Who saved me from a horrible death,"
Nadolie turned around
And looked into his eyes.
She searched for any truth
And saw that it was there.
"Why did they seek
Your death?"
Nadolie asked.
"I practice the ancient art
Of druidism and magic
Is forbidden in the lands,"
He said sadly.
"Forbidden? How can one
Live without magic?"
Nadolie shuddered at the idea.
"I do not know, but I can never
Go back to the city,"
"What is your name?"
Nadolie shyly asked.
"I am Ienh and you are?"
"I am Nadolie,"
"Nadolie, I am honored,"
They talked for a bit
And soon it was sunset.
He looked at the oncoming night
And wondered about staying the night here.
"Come, Ienh, I know of
Safe haven you may stay in,"
"Only if you stay with me,"
His green eyes danced .
They stayed the night
And Nadolie fell in love
Her family disapproved
And she was exhiled from her people
Because of the endangerment she
Put them in.
It hurt Nadolie deeply
But to be with Ienh
Made the pain go away.
And soon
Nadolie found herself
With child.
Nadolie and her love, Ienh
Watched over the forest
With Mareth watching over them.
Sometimes one can hear
Their voices laughing
And singing.
But only for a moment.