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Lenehh Skypraer


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Lady of the Lands

by Lenehh Skypraer

Bevin was a young lady
Who was not as lovely
As most her age.
Her hair was dark
As others were light
Her eyes were dark
As others were blue or green
She came from an ancient
Lineage that was not
Known to her land
Bevin's father was Amom
A name that was only
Whispered when  no one
Was around.
Bevin's mother was Caoimhe
And had long gold hair
With enchanting green eyes.
She loved her daughter dearly
And hated the scorn Bevin recieved
"One day, Bevin will
Outdo all the ladies,"
She said with pride.
One evening,
Bevin was out walking in the
Woods near a hidden lake.
It was almost time for the
Moon to rise.
"Bevin," a voice called her name
Bevin looked and saw a woman
Wearing a dark cloak.
Her hair was black as night
And eyes like a raven's
"Who are you?"
Bevin asked.
"I am Raelin, Lady of the Forest.
I guard and protect those of mine.
And also I give gifts to those of mine,"
"Lady, I mean no harm,"
"I know, child, for you
Are the daughter of my brother,"
"Where is he?"
"I do not know. Amom stays hidden,"
"Then what do you want with me?"
"To give you a gift that you
Will need in the near future,"
Raelin held out
A single chain.
Bevin took it and
Placed it around her neck.
"That chain is made of
Pure Laen metal,"
Bevin gasped.
Laen was a legendary metal
Used in battles.
Bards sang of these battles.
"I thought Laen was a myth,"
"No, Bevin, it is not,"
Bevin fingered the whitesh chain
And it was icy cold to her touch.
"How do I use it?"
"Think of an action you want done,"
Bevin thought of the wind blowing
And the wind began to blow.
"With Laen, you can transform yourself
Into any animal.
You can cause damage with it
Or save a life,"
Raelin looked at Bevin
With her intense dark eyes.
"I will not abuse this,"
Bevin vowed.
"I know, for you are the
Daughter of Amom,"
Raelin smiled
Weeks passed and Bevin
Almost forgot about the meeting.
Then one day her home was attacked.
Caolen, the man that sought out
Caoimhe to be his wife,
Was the man behind it.
He came with roses
And Caoimhe told him
For the last time that
She loved her daughter
More than him and would
Not marry him.
Caolen did not like that answer
So forced his way inside
And went to Bevin's room.
"Wake up bastard child!"
He grabed the girl and
Took her into the woods.
"You will pay for what
You did to your mother
And the towns people,"
"But I did nothing,"
"You are a bastard child.
You should not exist."
Caolen smiled a cruel smile.
"But before I kill you I
Will show you what it
Is like to be with a man,"
Bevin scrambled to get free
"Not so fast,"  Caolen grabbed her.
Bevin thought of the Laen chain
And willed the man off of her.
An invisible hand
Pulled Caolen off Bevin and threw him
To the ground.
Caolen remained unmoving.
Bevin left him there and
Returned home to her worried mother
She told her mother
About what had happened
Caoimhe told the townsfolk
And word spread to the king
Of Ervanet
About how Caolen tried to
Rape Caoimhe's daughter.
"How did she escape?"
The Lord Liere asked
"She killed him,"
Lord Liere went to see
Bevin for himself.
"How did you manage
To kill Caolen?"
"It was an accident, sire,
He was on top of me and
I pushed him hard.
He fell and broke his neck,"
"A scrawny lass as you?"
"Aye, a scrawny lass as me,"
Bevin stared hard at the
Aging king.
"I see you can fight well,"
"Thank you,"
"I want you in my army,"
But, Lord--" Caoimhe started
"I want her in my army,"
And Lord Liere left them.
Spring faded into summer
And Bevin found herself
In the Lord's army.
Bevin easily kept her Laen hidden
But endured the scorn and wrath
Of the others in the army.
Then the neighboring land
Attacked them.
No one called on Bevin for help
She was too weak in their
Mind's opinion.
Bevin woke up to flames
One night and willed herself
To become a part of them.
She easily escaped the fire
And saved one other person.
Her name was Anshely
"Thank you, Bevin,"
The strong woman said.
"You are more than welcome,"
"I am sorry I scorned you,"
"It is okay," Bevin smiled.
"Come, we must go help the others,"
"Aye, let us go then," Bevin responded.
When everyone saw Bevin
They asked Anshely
"Why did you bring her?"
"Because she saved my life,"
The immense army came then
Bevin used her Laen and willed herself
To glow white like the Laen.
She floated up in the air
Above the armies and sent
Lightning down to the
Attacking army.
"You will go to your king
And tell him that
Your army is too weak
To fight ours.
And then you will tell him
That your land is now ours,"
That night, Bevin disappeared
Everyone wanted to know
Where the sorceress was hidden.
There was a massive search for Bevin
But none could find her.
To this day,
People can walk through the
Knae Forest and maybe see
A glimpse of Bevin.
Also, the Land of Ervanet was
Never bothered again.