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Lenehh Skypraer


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Naeren Rock

by Lenehh Skypraer




In the land of Adalin, a Healers

Destiny is to travel to Naeren rock to

Receive the powers to take

Away mortality.


When she young, Healer Lidril

discovered her gift by healing an injured bird

Lidril soon became fond of

The art of healing and healed animals.


One day she brought back a bird

From the dead but the bird was different

With glowing red eyes it attacked her

She destroyed it as a Healer should not do.


Her mother Naria feared for

Her daughter's  adult life

For the journey to Naeren Rock

Would be treacherous.


Lidrils journey would be different.

Her mission would aid the ruler of

The rival land of Beinta

And hopefully save her kind from the evil of Naeren Rock. 



Naeren rock lay in the land of Beinta

Where the Healers were killed upon sight.

Wizards were trained to find the healers

And destroy them for fear of Naeren Rock


Only one other could naturally

Bring back the dead

And he created the Naeren rock

His name was Seanmor





One companion would accompany her

Lidril loved the wolf Niloni very much.

Only death could break that bond

Between Healer and wolf.


The morn of the journey came bright and crisp

Using magic to conceal themselves, they pressed on.

During the journey Lidril unknowingly came across

Wizard Adrial, son of the king.


Sensing someething strange about the girl

And the wolf he followed them.

 Two days following them, Wizard Adrial discovered

Where the young lady with the wolf was going.


He did not want to kill her so he prayed

To the god Bei of the Land.

Lord Bei, I do not want to kill

This young maiden, show me what I must do!


They journeyed on and soon

Reached the deep heart of the forest.

Lidril could hear singing and knew that this old forest

Was using magic to ward away danger.


Lidril stopped for the night and spoke to Niloni.

Wizard Adrial heard her words:

Niloni, I may die tomorrow for I know not

How to destroy this evil rock,


The wolf replied, I will be at your side till my death

For I, too, am against the traditions of Naeren rock,

Wizard Adrial stepped into view startling

Both the wolf and the girl.





As Wizard of Beinta I demand to know

What it is you wish to destroy,

His green eyes glowed with hope and fascination as

Lidril jumped and screamed.


If you must kill me, then do so now

For I am to destroy the Naeren rock

So my people the Healers, will no longer

Live with Seanmors evil,


I shall aid you then, Healer,

For to raise the dead is forbidden in

The Land of Beinta,

Thank you Wizard for my life,


At dawn they approached Naeren rock.

It glowed red as if filled with life.

"Little Healer, come," it called and Lidril went to

It with magic welling up inside her ready to burst


"Healer, you have already the power

To raise the dead. Go, now

"No," Lidril said raising her arm high as it

Turned into flames unleashing her power.


"You seek to destroy me," the rock said

"Yes I do for raising the dead is an evil thing.

It forces a soul back into life

And the soul is changed forever,"


Power against power they fought.

Lidril felt her life starting to fade.

She gave in to her power and let it consume her

But it was not enough.


Slowly her power faded

And mentally she called for help.

Wizard Adrial held the dying Lidril

Letting his power flow into her.


When dawn came the Naeren rock was no more

In its place was a tree.

Lidril woke and Adrial stood over her.

Niloni was by his side.


"You did it!"

"Aye, I did," Lidril grinned, "There will be no more

Raising of the dead,


When Lidril returned home

She was hailed as an outcast

She had no place in the land of

Adalin no more.


She went to the land of Beinta

And sought the king

Who welcomed her as a heroine.

His son, had spoken highly of the healer.


With winter came the snows

And spring a joyous time

For wedding bells rang

For the Wizard and the Healer.