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Lenehh Skypraer


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Excerpt from "The Druidic Bard"

The picture is by Jonathon Cummings.
The excerpt is by Lenehh Skypraer

The snows were gone at last.
But was it safe to go out just yet?
The Druid Ayvana slowly
Tightened her cloak about her.
Ayvana had long,
Curling blood red hair.
Her eyes were blue as the
Sky that day.
The frozen lake reflected
The sky and Ayvana saw
None of the air beasts.
Here in this strange northern land
They were real.
She only thought them stories.
Jennis snorted, gaining
The young woman's attention.
Ayvana went to the unicorn.
"What is the matter, Jen?"
As usual, the unicorn
Didn't speak.
Ayvana's father was missing.
Perhaps he found shelter and was trapped
There like Ayvana and Jennis were here.
The Druid Sevilan was also missing.
Liadan was close by.
Ayvana hoped dearly
That the druid found shelter
In Liadan-the Druids City.
"Jennis, tis time for me to take
A look out there,"
The unicorn didn't say anything.
Ayvana slowly stepped out
From the cave and ducked
Under the thick icicles.
She looked over the lake
And saw the tiny island in the distance.
The sun shone brightly
And glinted off the


The Druidic Bard by Lenehh Skypraer